What We Do


What We Do



Bond is a fixed income instrument. It is a type of debt security that represents a loan made by the holder to the issuer. 

Invest Options


Provide investors with cross-regional industries,diversified bonds, such as: 

  • Sovereign/Government bonds, supra-national bonds, corporate bonds and asset-backed securities. 

  • Fixed-rate bonds, floating-rate bonds, fixed to floating rate bonds, hybrid and convertible bonds. 

  • Available in AUD, USD, EUR, GBP and other currencies. 

Product features and risks

​Product features

  • Predictable income: Bonds provide investors with predictable cash flow. 

  • Competitive return: Bond yields are higher than cash deposits. 

  • Portfolio diversification: Adding Bonds to an investment portfolio can help increasing diversification. 

Risks (including but not limited to)

  • The credit risk of the issuer is a major risk element of bonds. 

  • If other factors remain constant, Bonds normally have an inverse relationship with interest rates. 

  • The performance of bonds may not be able to catch up with other asset classes such as shares or property over the long run.  


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