What We Do


What We Do


Capital Preservation 

We have structured investments that provide capital preservation.

Here is an example. All terms are indicative and for illustration purpose only.  

Dispersion Basket Callable Note – linked to 10 shares

Features & Benefits

  • Investment Return: potential return is derived from absolute price divergence from 10 shares average regardless of the price of those shares rise or fall.

  • Investment term: 3 years.

  • Investment Underlying: 10 large companies’ share across various sectors.

  • Capital Redemption:  100% capital is redeemed if the investment is held till maturity, and there is no issuer risk.


  • In the case of non-diverging performance between the underlyings, investors may not receive any payout.

  • If investors early exit the investment before maturity, investors may bear a loss and get back less than 100% capital.

  • Exposure to the credit risk of the issuer.

To find out our current structured investments with capital preservation, please contact us.


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