What We Do


What We Do



For investors who prefer to have potential capital growth over an income, we have structured investments that may interest you. 

Here is an example. All terms are indicative and for illustration purpose only.  

Twin Win Note (AUD & USD) – linked to three indices

Features & Benefits

  • Investment Return: it gives investors an opportunity to capture the absolute performance of the least performing underlying index at maturity.

  • Uniqueness: investors potentially profit from rising, or falling market as long as the least performing underlying drops up to 22% at maturity.

  • Investment term: 18 months.

  •  Investment Underlying: it is linked to three broad equity indices across different markets – America, Australia and China.

  • Capital Redemption: at maturity, the redemption of 100% principal is subject to:
    a) No knock-in event which means the least performing underlying index closes at or above 78% of its initial level (knock-in barrier) at maturity; and
    b) No issuer risk.


  • In the scenario of all three stock markets remain flat or fall significantly, the performance of the underlying indices may be significantly below expectations, thus reducing the expected return on the investment.

  • If the least performing underlying closes below 78% of its initial level at maturity, investors will suffer a loss of principal. In the worst case scenario, investors could sustain an entire loss of their initial investment.

  • Exposure to the credit risk of the issuer.

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