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What We Do



Deposit rates have been at a historical low level in recent two years. Investors felt that they have not received an adequate return on their hard earned cash savings for too long. We are here to help change that, and we do this by providing structured investments that give investors a predictable and higher income than cash.

Here is an example of a structured investment that gives investors a fixed income. All terms are indicative and for illustration purpose only.   

Unconditional Income: AUD 5.00% p.a. or USD 6.00% p.a.

Fixed Coupon Notes with Memory Autocall Linked to Worst of Equity Basket

Features & Benefits

  • Investment Return: it pays an unconditional fixed coupon of 5.00% p.a. (for AUD) which distributed at the end of each quarter, regardless of underlying shares’ price.

  • Investment Term: 3 years.

  • Investment Underlying: it is linked to three leading tech companies.

  • Memory Autocall: at the end of each quarter from Q2, should all the underlying shares close at or above 90% of their respective initial price (Autocall Barriers) either independently or concurrently, the investment is automatically early redeemed with 100% principal. 

  • Capital redemption: if there is no automatic early redemption from Q2 to Q11, at maturity (end of Q12), the redemption with 100% principal is subject to:
    a) No knock-in event which means the least performing underlying share closes at or above 50% of its initial price (knock-in barrier) at maturity; and
    b) No issuer risk.


  • If the least performing underlying share closes below 50% of its initial price (knock-in barrier) at maturity, investors will suffer a loss of principal. In the worst case scenario, investors could sustain an entire loss of their initial investment.

  • Re-investment risk in the case of an automatic early redemption of the investment.

  • Exposure to the credit risk of the issuer.

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