What We Do


What We Do



Deposit rates have been at a historical low level in recent two years. Investors felt that they have not received an adequate return on their hard earned cash savings for too long. We are here to help change that, and we do this by providing structured investments that give investors a predictable and higher income than cash.

Here is an example of a structured investment that gives investors a fixed income. All terms are indicative and for illustration purpose only.   

Unconditional Income: AUD 6.50% p.a. 

Fixed Coupon Memory Autocall - BHP, CSL, Newcrest Mining

Features & Benefits

  • Investment Return: Investors gain an unconditional fixed coupon of 6.50% p.a for AUD. It is paid at the end of each month.

  • Investment Term: 12 months.

  • Investment Underlying: BHP, CSL, Newcrest Mining

  • Capital redemption: At maturity, investor will get either outcome:
    a) If Least Performing Underlying’s share price drops less than or equal to 40%, investors receive 100% principal, OR
    b) If Least Performing Underlying’s share price drops more than 40%.                                                  Investors suffer capital loss=Denomination x [Least Performing Underlying’s share price / 100% of initial price]


  • There is a possibility of early redemption from the end of Month One, conditions apply. At the closing of each business day from the end of Month One, if three Underlyings are at or above their respective Autocall Level (100% of its initial level) either independently or concurrently, the Note is early redeemed. Investors receive full principal and unpaid coupon.

  • Re-investment risk in the case of an automatic early redemption of the investment.

  • Exposure to the credit risk of the issuer.

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